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How to Mentally Prepare for a Sex Date

A lot of guys love the idea of a sex date. After all, what young, red-blooded, horny guy wouldn’t turn down free sex with a good-looking woman?
Well, it turns out that a lot of guys who go on these types of dates end up screwing themselves. Sure, they end up fucking a really hot woman but at the end of the day, the guys feel empty and directionless. In fact, they feel quite depressed. What happened?
Like it or not, guys are also emotional beings. There are too many of us that think with our dicks or driven purely by physical lust and the need for action. This is true but deep down, we’re all emotional beings and nothing gets guys more emotional than when they become intimate with a woman. This is especially true if the woman is really good-looking.
The problem here is that more and more good-looking women are using sex dates to fulfill a basic need. Just as you have a need to go to the bathroom, eat, drink, and sleep; you also have a need to fuck. That’s just part of who you are. It’s all natural. There’s no need to deny or feel dirty about it.
The problem is when women completely accept this fact, and they live according to it, too many guys get emotionally hung up. They think they’re going on this great sex date, and they end up getting more than what they bargained for. They end up falling in love or feeling emotionally attached but the woman they had sex with moved on. This is the big danger when going out on sex dates.
Be aware of the rules of the game. Don’t set yourself up to be hurt. If you are a very emotional guy, look for regular dating. Look for a real relationship. You have to understand that sex dating websites and adult dating websites are all about sex. There are no strings attached and emotional requirements or expectations. If you have expectations regarding developing a friendship or a long-running emotional relationship, look elsewhere.